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"Just a quick note to advise that I received the nappies at the door about 2pm this afternoon. I can not believe what great service that I received from you guys and want to say thank you very much. It was more than I expected and are very pleased. I will be continuing to use your service and nappies ( I actually think they are great nappies as well). And will definitely be recommending you for service and product.

Thank you

- Heidi Crockett- Auckland

"I just wanted to write and say thank you for the years of affordable,
excellent nappies. My youngest is now fully toilet trained! Hurray! But it
is with some sadness that I say goodbye to your fantastic business.
All the best Zara

- Melissa Reid - Nelson

"The Supafit nappies are absolutely marvelous. They are certainly the best I have used on my baby so far. The price is right, delivered to my doorstep, economical and easy to dispose of.

The flushable wipes are invaluable and great value.

Thank you Zara for you assistance and recommendations.

- Kathryn, from Hamilton

"Thank you! Love these nappies, you guys are awesome! Have a wonderful Christmas! Hopeful this is the last lot of nappies i ever order so wanted to make sure i said thank you and let you know how much i love them, constantly recommending you! :-) (No, i'm not looking for a discount either, really just wanted to say!)"

- Rachael Sara, Christchurch

"Delighted to have won your draw and I will use my prize for this purchase. Thank you for your excellent customer service and excellent products!"

- Anne Davis, Christchurch

"Having recently arrived from the UK where Toujours disposable nappies rated better than other brands and came top in the Mumsnet Best Awards 2012, I was delighted to find your site Go Nappies and order Toujours for my children. For comfort, reliability and value for money, Toujours are tops and I can't fault them."

- Alison, Christchurch

"Hi Zara
Thank you again so much for picking up the nappies and organising the refund. This is really a great service! I will definitely recommend Go Nappies to other mums! Have a great day & kind regards"

- Marga Marshall- Christchurch

"Hi Zara
A review of Alana Nappies. I am thrilled to see the Junior size available, I would actually choose these over AirPlus, just because they have a better eco-profile. I think Alana is an excellent nappy, a good fit, absorbant even for night time, and has an excellent eco-profile - they are biodegradable, chlorine-free, latex-free, made from renewable resources and can be composted, or go in your green bin. Better for your baby, better for the environment. A very good price for this too. Have a great day."

- Rachael.

This is my second order, I LOVE the nappies & have found them to be the best that I have ever used! This is saying a lot as I have 5 children whom have all worn disposables!! This is an awesome service you are providing to Kaikoura. I am the community health worker here & have given your details to lots of families I work with so I really hope they contact you."

- Lisa Kahu from Kaikoura

"Hi There
we have been using the Toujours nappies for the past 2 years and thought we would let you and other people know how great they are. We have 3 boys who have used these nappies and they have proved to be as good, if not better than any other on the market. We would recommend these nappies to anyone for day and night wear. Regards,"

- A&B McGillivray.

"Dear Go Nappies,
I am the mother of 3 girls aged 6 months, 2 & 5 years living in Christchurch. I have been using products from Go Nappies for the past 6 months and am so pleased with the quality and prices that I do not intend to buy nappies, wipes or any other baby products from anywhere else! I have recommended your shops to many friends and acquaintances. Well done for your fantastic service!"

- Sheena McLeod

"Hi There
I have been using these nappies for the past few years and have found them to be excellent value for money. They fit my daughter extremely well and are robust enough to last through the night. I love a good deal and with these nappies I have found one."

- Becca Jameson from Christchurch.

"We have been purchasing nappies from you for about 5 years (?) or as long as I can remember lol. Even though we aren't living in Chch any more, you guys are great and I know other parents and friends of mine have been purchasing from you for a while now too (the ones here try and purchse in bulk when they come to Chch).
Am another happy customer, :)"

- Carey Shepherd Westport ,South Island

We have been getting nappies for over 3 years now and have found the service great and easy. One phone call and nappies arrive via our rural mail man within 3 days. We are most impressed with both quality and price of nappies and service."

- Katrina Glass METHVEN

"Hi there,
I have been a regular customer of go nappies for nearly 5 years and have experienced an efficient friendly service from them which delivers quality nappies to my doorstep. Fantastic."

- Sharon Elrick

"Hi there
I would just like to say thank you to the staff of "Go Nappies" for supplying such wonderful products at an affordable and competitive price. I have been a customer of "Go Nappies" for 2 years now and am really satisfied with all products I have purchased through them. I now purchase nappies via the internet and delivery is generally made the next day - fantastic. I highly recommend the products and services of "Go Nappies" to all.

- Nadine Patterson Rolleston

I have been purchasing nappies from Go Nappies for 3½ years now and I have found them to be a very good company to deal with. I have been using the Toujours nappies since my boys were newborns, and have found them an excellent product for both day and night time use. The cost of nappies is reasonable, which is important being on a single income. The service is outstanding and their web site is easy to use making ordering a breeze. Delivery is prompt, usually within 2 working days. I have recommended Go Nappies to several of my friends and would not hesitate to continue to do so."

- Kerri Fitzgerald, Kaiapoi

"Hi There
My name is Lisa Flood and I live in Greymouth. I have been a customer of Southern Discount Nappies for 4 years. I have found their service great and convenient, and their product superior to all the ones I have tried and therefore recommend them."

- Lisa Flood from Greymouth

"Hi there
I have been purchasing nappies from Go Nappies for over 12 months now and find their products are very good quality and competitively priced. Their response is quick and delivery is very efficient. I would recommend Go Nappies to all my friends."

- V Wirihana

"Hi there
I have been a customer of Go Nappies for quite some time now. The product range is excellent and I find the nappies fabulous. Having the ability to order online and have my order delivered to my door is wonderful!!"

- Leah Munro, Rolleston

"Good Morning
I am a mother of 4 and have been purchasing from Go Nappies now for almost 6 years. In that time I have had nothing but the best quality products and friendliest service. Even when I moved from Christchurch out of town to Sefton it wasn't an issue as the delivery service is great. Whenever I meet anybody with or about to have children I don't hesitate in recommending that they visit the Go Nappies store or website for their baby supplies. They have such a great range of almost everything you will need at good prices with a fantastic knowledge and service to back it up.
Kind regards"

- Stephannie Moyle Sefton North Canterbury

"Hi there
I have been using the nappies from Southern Discount Baby Supplies for just over 2 years. The nappies are by far the best I have ever used, and the service is excellent. The staff are always very friendly and helpful and I love that they can courier the nappies to you which is a fantastic service."

- Johanna Jones, from Rangiora

We have been very impressed with the nappies we've ordered and also the speedy and friendly service and delivery. Cheers"

- Dean Caron from Nelson

"To Whom It May Concern
I have been using the company Go Nappies for the last 2 years to order my nappies in bulk. I have always found them helpful with product enquiries and incredibly efficient in delivering my nappies.

- Rachel Norton

"Hi There
I have been using Go Nappies for over a year now and recommend them to everyone I know who's having a baby. The nappies are excellent quality and consistently cheaper than the best supermarket deals. A simple phone call and the nappies are on my doorstep within 2 days. I only need four shipments a year to keep me well supplied. Thanks."

- Simone, Wellington

"Hi there
Go Nappies, Great Product, Great Service. I have been using their products for the last 2 years and have found them to be an excellent product, and great value for money also more convenient to buy in bulk and have them delivered to my door. I have recommended to all my other friends with children."

- Debbie Drewett Rolleston

"Deirdre of Christchurch has been purchasing disposable nappies from Go Nappies for sometime and have experienced great service. Their product has always been of high quality and will continue to purchase nappies from them in the future."

- Deirdre Coetser

"I Tracey Wright wish to recommend the service provided by Go Nappies. I have been using Go Nappies since the birth of my oldest daughter nearly 3 years ago. I have always found the service to be fantastic. I have ordered nappies online, over the phone, and also in person at the shop, my nappies are delivered to me very quickly which I am always impressed by. I use this service because Go Nappies stock a biodegradable nappy which I like to use. I have recommended Go Nappies to all my friends with babies and will continue to do so in the future. Yours "

- Tracey Wright, Rangiora

I have been dealing with Go Nappies for 8 months. I think they are leading the way in the South Island in providing cheap nappies of the future - Moltex nappies that can be disposed of with a worm farm (my daughter also never had rash because they are made of a fusion of plant cellulose and tea leaves). I recommend Go Nappies, and Moltex nappies to everyone and anyone. I am completely happy with their service thus far, and would hope they continue to regard customers as first priority and make things cheap and accessible."

- Louis Brown, Westport

I have found the service of Go Nappies to be excellent, with very prompt delivery and friendly staff. The Toujour nappies we use are on par with Huggies, they absorb really well and have good sticky side tabs and good bands around the legs. Regards"

- M. Lander

I came into the Papanui shop yesterday and was asked if I could give a testimonial.
After being recommended these nappies a while ago by a friend I thought I'd try them out. I use the Toujours Maxi and Junior nappies for my two sons. They are great. I've found they work just as well as Huggies which was my preferred brand but are much cheaper. They also have a yellow line that changes to blue when they are wet so it's easy to have a quick look to see if they need changing. When you have two children in nappies cost is something you have to consider and I know I'm getting great quality at a great price. I've recommended these nappies to other people too and will keep doing so. If I know I can save money on these I want others to be able to as well. The service has always been friendly and even when I rang and got some couriered it wasn't too expensive either. If you haven't tried them I would say to give them a go. There will be no looking back and you'll have extra money left in your pocket. Thanks"

- Paula Pullan from Christchurch

I have been with Go Nappies for 3 years. I have alway been very happy with the service and products. I would recommend them to anyone!!"

- Angie Deane

"hi There
I find the bumblies pullups and the 16 kg plus pullups to be the best. My son wakes up and there has been no leakage with these products."

- Rochelle Grossett From Christchurch

Nappies from the supermarket $8.00 for 14 seems a bargain but you can get 22 Toujours for $10.50 and they are better quality and quantity for your money."

- Nicole White from Christchurch

Toujours are fantastic nappies, never has my daughter had any leakage from them. Swear by them."

- Martyn from Christchurch

"Hi There
I am very happy with the nappies they are value for money."

- Amanda from Christchurch

Fantastic nappies cheaper than the supermarket, better quality, better value for money, love the fact that you can buy a half packet if you want or a smaller pack of 4 nappies for $2.00. Wouldn't go anywhere else and the service in the Ferry Road store is great."

- Annie McDonald from Christchurch

Very good deal, I am a happy Mum."

- Vanessa from christchurch

Heaps better than anywhere else. Good value for money."

- Irene from Christchurch

I find the quality and price fantastic and that is why I shop at Go Nappies."

- Nicole from Christchurch

"Awesome nappies thank you! Such good value for money and the only nappies that my baby girl doesn't wet through - YAY"

- Janine from Christchurch

"Hi there
I have a 3 years old baby boy, he goes to the toilet a lot. I have tried lots of different types of nappies from Go Nappies shop they are all very high quality, I found the quality the same as any other leading brands, Huggies etc. My son has no nappy rash on bottom. I don't hesitate to recommend the nappies from this nappy shop (Go Nappies)."

- Rochelle Fleming from Christchurch