NUK - 403 - E-Motion Electric Breast Pump

Our Price: $174.99

Breast is most definitely best. But sometimes it might not be  possible to breastfeed your baby. If this is the case for you, NUK  breast pumps can at least be of practical help

Using an NUK  breast pump will not only stimulate the ongoing production of breast  milk but will also allow you to build up a stock of this precious milk

The NUK e-MOTION’s electric, dual-phase pumping system is modelled on nature and is particularly efficient when used regularly

The first phase stimulates 'let-down', using a stop/start sucking rhythm

The second phase creates a steady milk flow through a slow, intensive sucking rhythm that imitates the natural rhythm of your baby

The infinitely-adjustable suction strength allows you to express your milk particularly gently

The flexible, softly coated Optiform breast shield fits snugly against your breast

With few parts – particularly easy to assemble and clean

The special, ergonomic design makes for a comfortable grip and allows easy operation with one hand

•NUK e-MOTION is certified to CE standards and compatible with all NUK FIRST CHOICE Anti-Colic wide-necked bottles

Included with the pump are:

  1. FIRST CHOICE silicone teat, Size 1 (0-6 months)- S (extra fine)S
  2. crew ring
  3. Protective cap
  4. Sealing lid
  5. Anti-tip stand
  6. Travel adaptor for various countries and an NUK breast milk container