402 - NUK Ultra Dry Breast Pads - 32pcs

Our Price: $14.99

NUK Ultra Dry Breast Pads are ultra absorbent and longer lasting.

* Core  features ultra absorbent polymer that quickly soaks up any liquid and  transforms it into a gel-like substance. Keeps moisture well away from  the breast!

* Cost effective - dry lining enables for the pads to be  worn longer that other disposable breast pads.

* Slim design - only 1.8  mm thick, undetectable beneath clothing.

* Ultra Soft with rounded edges  for maximum comfort.

* Adhesive Fixing Strip keeps pad in place.

*  Unique Marker-Reminder - each pad has a flower shaped markers. Position  the pad in a way that the marker is on the top (or bottom) to remind you  which breast to start with during your next feed!

* 32 individually  wrapped pads.