NUK - Adjustable Nursing Bra

Our Price: $55.99

 With  the NUK Adjustable Nursing bra you are guaranteed to get optimum  comfort when breastfeeding. The bra is made of the most delicate  microfibre material that not only adjusts to the changing breast size  but is also very breathable and quick-drying.

The drop-cup system  is easy to open and close with one hand. This bra can be worn as a  second skin: with no irritating seams and no hard wires. It offers  adjustable straps & back for a customised fit, with the depth of cup  adjustable to two heights.

Extra support: A perfect fit and  reinforced support, thanks to the knitting under the breast and on the  sides, to support without hard wires. An integrated innner cup provides  additional support during breast-feeding.


Available in: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large. Black or White.

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Small-White $55.99
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Medium-Black $55.99
Large-White $55.99
Large-Black $55.99
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