Toujours Twin Box Deal- $50 OFF the 2nd Box

was $139.98

Our Price: $89.98

European TJ Toujours nappies twin box deal.. Buy one box & get the second box $50 OFF!!.

They comes in three different sizes Toujours midi (4-9)Kg, Toujours Maxi (7-16)Kg & Toujours Junior (12-20)Kg.

 European TJ Toujours range-One Box at regular price:-

Item  Price Qty. Each
TJ Tou-jours Midi (4-9)Kg 3x56 Box.
$69.99 168pcs 0.42 
TJ Tou-jours Maxi (7-18)kg 3x50 Box
$69.99 150pcs 0.46
TJ Tou-jours Junior (12-20)Kg 3x44 Box.
$69.99 132pcs 0.53


Twin Box Deal European TJ range- Less $50 off the 2nd box. *first box at regular price*

Item Price Qty Each/cent
Two Boxes European TJ Midi (4-9)Kg.  $89.98 336 0.27
Two Boxes European TJ Maxi (7-16)kg
$89.98 300 0.30
Two Boxes European TJ Junior (12-20)Kg.
$89.98 264 0.34
 Mixed one box TJ Midi (4-9)kg & Maxi (7-18)kg.
$89.98 318 0.28
Mixed one box TJ Midi (4-9)kg & one box Junior (12-20)kg. $89.98 300 0.30
Mixed one box TJ Maxi(7-18)kg & one box Junior (12-25)kg.  $89.98 282 0.32