SupaSlim Nappies Small Box Range.

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NEW! European SupaSlim Nappies

Watch this short video about the Drylock technology:

Less Nappy .. More Freedom


SupaSlim ultra thin European nappies.

  • new fluffless nappy (no wood pulp used)

  • thinnest and fastest performing nappy on the market.

 SupaSlim TJ European nappies are:

  • Super thin & secure

  • Super soft & comfortable

  • Super absorbent

  • Highly practical and compact

  • Allows baby much more freedom of movement

 Innovative Revolutionary Drylock Technology

  • Absorbent lining is completely free from cellulose (conserving tree populations)

  • A big reduction in adhesive used (no synthetic glues or chemicals used).

  • Nappies are compact, save on space, packaging & maximises transportation capacity

  • Available in Mini (3-6)kg, Midi (4-9)kg, Maxi (7-18)kg & Junior (12-25)Kg

  • Printed patterns on nappies may vary.

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Mini (3-6)Kg 3x39 Box $46.99 117pcs 0.40
Midi (4-9)Kg 3x34 Box. $46.99 102pcs 0.46
Maxi (7-18)kg 3x35 Box.* Out of Stock* $46.99 93pcs 0.50
Junior (12-25) 3x29 Box. $46.99 87pcs 0.54